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Criss Invid
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Criss Invid My relationship with Wingnut and Johnny Hobo is complicated. I mean, Pat's just screaming "look at my terrible life choices" while making a concerted effort to kill himself. But he was doing so in such a wonderfully eloquent and passionate way that i just can't stop listening. And come on, Picking Sides is a fucking fantastic song. Favorite track: Picking Sides.
Mark Basile Jr
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Mark Basile Jr the solo side of wdu equally cool but very different from band wdu stuff. complimentary one might say. let's you really focus on the lyrics yet shows how much energy and "life" are in the songs themselves without the need for distortion or electricity or anything to make the sound artificially bigger cause these little songs are fucking huge on the inside
Neil Hough
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Neil Hough Although Pat doesn't perform as WDU anymore this is still a cd worth visiting. Riot / punk songs at their best.

P.S. I think this album might actually be called 'Towards A World Without Dishwashers'. Favorite track: Johnny Hobo Is Dead.
Jonathan najera
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Jonathan najera It's just such a good song. Favorite track: Jesus Does The Dishes.
Duna Haller
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Duna Haller Best riot songs I've heard in all my life. We need Bikini Kill, we need Fugazi, we need Patt The Bunny, we need Ramshackle Glory, we need PIX records and we need people that believe that we are all the same and should have the same rights. Fucc goverments we are making our world, and these songs are like manifests. Strong ones. Favorite track: For A Girl In Rhinelander.
nicholas cavalieri
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nicholas cavalieri I'm a new fan of your work. The first time i heard one of your (johnny) songs; i was trashed on mushrooms and the song "I want cancer for christmas" came on. It scared the living shit out of me. I recently found that cd on youtube and listened through it a few times before trying to hunt it down on itunes to no avail. I was pleased to find this cd on bandcamp and was really hopeful that I'd enjoy it just as much. I was not dissapointed. Keep up the great work!! Favorite track: Jesus Does The Dishes.


released August 8, 2008



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