all we got is each other

by ghost mice



songs are all about our friend Sam. She's not with us anymore. They are also about mental illness...


released March 1, 2012

Chris Clavin - Guitar/voice
Hannah - Violon/voice
Pascaloo - Uke/Bass
Geoffry (the door) -Bass/Uke
Gary - Horns


Backups by: Eric Ayotte, Nathan Griffin, Daniel Ellis, Liv Mershon, Nowah Jacobs, Madeline Robinson, and the Rhino's Youth Punk Choir w/ Jackson, Ben, Tori, and David



all rights reserved


Plan-It-X Records Bloomington, Indiana

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Track Name: The Path

there's ghosts on every corner, most of them are you
some of them are shadows of dreams that never came true
i went over the mountains i went souther than the south
i tried living in a real ghost town but none of it worked out

you were sleeping all day, you were sleeping all night
that's why when I bumped into you on kirkwood and rogers
it took me by surprise. the spring was fat and the afternoon was ripe
you gave me and awkward smile, said you were going for a walk
then you said goodbye

you're brother called me and he told me what you did
I tried to see you but they wouldn't let me in.
I found the trail that you left
I found the end of it and followed it back to where it began

block after block, drop after drop, I walked the path that you walked
drop after drop, block after block, I walk the path that you walked

you know that I miss you and you haunt me in these streets
it would be nice if I could forget you or if you'd forget about me
I could try to run away and get out of your reach, but I think I'd rather
have, you're painful company.

yeah I think I'd rather have your painful company
yeah I think I'd rather have your painful company
I think I'd rather have you haunting me
Track Name: disconnected

They don't ask you to come over anymore
They're afraid of what you might break
They're afraid of what you might take
They're afraid that you'll freak out
But most of all they're worried about the mess that you might make

They don't want a mess They don't want to admit
There are things beyond our control
And if they look into your wild wild eyes
They will know they will know they will know
They don't want to know They can't take it so
They don't call you you anymore, no, they don't call you anymore

When you go to the hospital
you will have to do it on your own all alone
When you get arrested and they put you in jail
your friends won't come to visit you and they won't pay your bail

They don't want to see how easy you can sink
They're afraid that you might drag them down
It could be them looking out through those bars
It could be them wearing hospital gowns
And that's why they don't want you around

They all wish that you'd get well but
They sure as hell don't want to or don't know how help and
they're afraid that they might catch what you've got
and it scares them to death when they hear you talking to yourself

They're afraid that those voices in your head my spread into their own
you see they all know that hang by a thread and it's so easy to let go
they don't want to lose their hold so they don't call you anymore.
that's why, they don't call you anymore

They'll all miss you when your gone
They'll all say they don't know what when wrong
but deep inside they will know
we all knew where you were going and we all let you go
now i've got the time and i've got the guts
but your not picking up the phone
and it's way too late to call you anymore
Track Name: Greyhound

I wish they would have let you on that grey hound bus
I wish the driver didn't think that you were drunk
I wish you would would have came all the way from california
to leave me that message on my wall

I wish you would have bought that can of spray paint
I like to try guess what color you would have picked
and I wish you would would have written those words big and bold
i wish i wish i wish I wish I wish

And I wish that when I came home in september
with a mixed up mind and my tail between my legs
that my head lights lit up the message that you left me
I would have turned the car around and drove away

I would drive all the way to california
and I would meet you in the place we said we'd meet
and would not complain or ask you to explain
because I'd know that you were looking out for me

and I think about how different things might be
if you would have been able to leave that message for me
would you have saved me from my sorrow
would you have saved my from myself
could I save you from your misery
could I have have been of help
would we be in california or
would we be somewhere else
but we will never know because
we will never know because
they wouldn't let you on that fucking greyhound bus

you never made it to indiana cause they wouldn't let you on
you never got a chance to write those words
alas babylon
Track Name: John and Jodie

John hinkly jr. might have been a little crazy
but there ain't nothing wrong with trying to kill the president
especially when it's ronald reagan he almost killed us all

and John Hinkly jr. Might have been a little crazy
for getting so obsessed with Jodie Foster
but how can you blame him, when she's so beautiful

and he did it all for love, he did it all for love
it was all for love

John hinkly jr. might have been a little crazy
for letting a movie effect him so strongly
but Robert Diniro was great back then and it's easy to get swept away

If you ask me he was a true romantic
like a hero from some faerie tale
I just hope someday, someone will love me that way

oh I want to be loved, yeah I want to be loved
like John loves Jodie

I want someone to want to assassinate a president for me.
Track Name: Fuck Shit Up

you left without saying goodbye but that's okay and I know why.
I think that I would do it the same, when no one looking just slip away.
they took you to the gulf of mexico, they opened the lid and let you go.
I might never see you again, but you'll always be my best friend.

there's still trouble in the streets
you left it there for me
there's still so much left to do
and I won't dishonor you

His world wasn't good enough for us, just two young punks pissed off in love. We'd put that record on and sing tonight, we're gonna fuck shit up!
I still feel the same but that kinda thinking drives you insane
I'd step back and I'd take breaks but you never quit not for a day

there's still trouble in the streets
you left it there for me
there's still magic to be found
and I won't let you down

When I've had all that I can stand please burn this body down to ash
take me to the gulf of mexico open the lid and let me go
save a little bit in a can and strap it to the nose of a touring van
then at last we'll both be free, but please oh please of don't dishonor me

please oh please oh don't dishonor me…x3
Track Name: Ablany

We drove after the show
on dark and windy roads
the fog was so thick
we couldn't see through it
we had to take it slow
little did I know
that while I did my best to keep us all alive
you were dying out there on the west coast

and the blue and red lights looked so bright in the fog
with no seatbelts on and an expired license plate
that vermont state police man must have known what was to come
because he took it easy and he let us drive away
the road went on forever that night and the hour grew so late
the cell phone towers that we drove past
had a grim look on their face
They knew what they had to do
but they didn't want to break the news
it's an awful job that no one wants to do

kept awake my crazy dogs
too much baking powder used
I had seven missed calls
so I knew that it was bad news
I went to the van
the taste of metal in my mouth
I played the message back again
hoping that I heard it wrong somehow

the people on the street stared at me
as I stared off into space
like a statue in the back seat, like a coffin in the grave
I sat frozen in purple rain
I waited for a while for the phone call to come
and tell me this was another on of your pranks
I waited for weeks and weeks
for a tear to roll down my face
They knew what they had to do
but they didn't want to break the news
it's an awful job that no one wants to do

this is where you went
when you left us to try and kill the president
we tracked you down
and drug you into the van somehow
I threw you against a fence
I felt so bad for doing it
the next morning I just left
I drove home alone feeling sick

somewhere in pennsylvania I saw a dozen amish women on a bridge
they waved at me as I drove underneath
I was worried about what it meant
this was years ago I know
but I was back again
and the goddamn telephone was telling me
that I don't have a best friend
I don't what to go home
because it's not where I live
I played that message one more time again