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released April 8, 2016



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Track Name: Femignome - Electro Bear
He flies in a rocket ship

Falling down to the earth

A crash landing

And I’ve seen the birth

Of ElectroBear

What are you doing here

The most beautiful sight I’ve seen

In a long, long time

You’re beautiful to me
Track Name: Amy O - Your Picture
I put your picture in a box
Locked it up, nobody can see
At the general store I made a copy of the key
Just in case
Like a stranger at your window
Crescent moon, will I be new like the spring?
In a tulip’s bloom, two lips they form a word
Often said, seldom heard
I love you… too!

Let’s go to the seashore
Pick up snacks at the store
Salty fingers and lips
I can’t get much closer… than this!

Like a letter at your doorstep
In the night, out of sight
I know it was you
On a hollow floor
I hear a knocking underneath
Feel the beat​
Track Name: Ghost Mice - Troubled Times

maybe johnny eagle stole some cowboy boots and raced back to Pine Ridge with a car in hot pursuit
with no sirens / with no lights / with dark sunglasses hiding their eyes
G D C --->D
kicking' up dust in these troubled times X2
the people tried to rise up but their leaders were corrupt they hired goons to shoot them down
and the FBI supplied them with armor piercing rounds at least sixty people got put into the ground
G D C --->D
spillin' lots of blood in these troubled times X2
E C D ---- E D
what would you do to protect your family when you see a car chasing your friend and
then they get out and start shooting you would assume that this was just another attack
more death squad goons / you'd get your guns and
E D C --- C D you'd shoot back / you'd shoot back
when the smoke cleared / there were two bodies on the ground someone came and fired one more round
when they searched the car / their FBI badges were found
G D C --->D
things keep getting worse in these troubled times X2
the helicopters came / everybody dropped their guns but only three were taken in
two of them had the charges dropped the judge said it was clearly self defense
G D C --->D
but this wasn't enough in these troubled times X2
E C D ---- E D
they decided to use / this as an excuse to strike a deadly blow
they knew that / all they needed to do was to take a leader out
demonstrate how far they'd go and the power that they hold
they'd let the resistance know
E D C --- C D that there was no hope / that there was no hope
C D G --- E D C (single strums?)
leonard peltier wasn't there / but they found a bunch of kids that said he was
and they forced myrtle poor bear / to swear that she saw him shoot the gun
johnny eagle's pick up truck / turned into leonard's van
C D (downstrokes)
lie after lie after lie after lie after lie
G D C / G C G
anything to get their man X2
and today / the teenager's say that they were forced to lie and myrtle admits that they were never lovers and she's never met the guy but they told her they would take her children away if she didn't say what they told her to say and leonard has been in prison from 1976 until
yeah, we're still living in troubled times X4 (END ON D)
Track Name: Cottontail - Collision
LYRICS: your mind awake. your eyes fully engaged with the touch of a brush to a page. when you grab the attention of the part of you that matters, you can feel the fear and dread that shatters. there is no secret path to success that we can follow. the words of the police man and therapist ring hollow. because no one can tell you just to "take some time" and we all lead a life of crime. hung up on each decision and each idea tossed around. put your mind down this once, pick your heart up off the ground. i saw that look on your face, a moment unlike the rest. one half contended for once, the other terrified and stressed at the notion that for once you may have gotten something right. but these stars shine over this ocean each and every night. possessed by their grip on our waking state. in our dreams we can just barely lift a portion of that weight. anyway, they disappear upon the daily collision between reality and what we can envision.
Track Name: Dog Years - Cage
Where does a bird go
When she makes her escape from her cage, and how long does it take?
She'd fly so lovely
So high above the-
Above all of the walls and the cowards around me
She'd sing so loudly
She'd sing so proudly
She'd sing of freedom from every single tree
I hope one day I could follow her fate and make the escape-
from my cage
Track Name: Cutting Room Floor - Something Like Forgiveness
Breathing freely, like I did be-
fore you met me? Are you well?
I didn't see the final letter
that you sent me, saw the flames bite
at the page I wondered what you'd
think I'd want to hear I wish I
had your address so I'd come and
draw a spell in lighter fluid
round the base of your apartment
just before I light the match
I'd see you smiling from the window
Kill your double cause she's like me
she talks like me hurts you like me
when I stand over her body
maybe then we'll talk forgiveness

Is your body like my body?
Do you burn when you see strangers
hurt your loved ones? When your loved ones
hurt your loved ones, what's the difference?
Saw you in the window with your
hair done up like mine and with that
dress you know looks better on me
I wish I was better than you
Were you like this 'fore I met you?
Too much like me, is it in my
head the way my every movement
casts a shadow looking like you
Who's your double, is she like you
dressing like you, grinning like you
when we stand beside our bodies
is there something called forgiveness

I wrote you a letter begging
you to leave me and my friends a-
lone but somehow you remain a
ghost that lives forever in me
Did you burn it? Did you listen?
Can you hear me like I hear you
when I start to fall asleep I
hear your breathing, it sounds like me
suddenly I'm by the window
smiling down at someone outside
something flares up in her hand and
we watch fire start to spread so
kill your double, cause I'm like her
I am like her, I am like her
when she stands over my body
maybe then we'll talk forgiveness
Track Name: Super Famicom - Wasting Fodder
Less interested in yourself and better at getting inside of things, I was endlessly secure. You wanted to know all of everything. I could have spent a week just breathing. Eyes on the mound. Lips on the most perfect teeth designed by the heavens and oh... my empathy. With barely my damage, only my damage, always my damage. "This big" like the maiden of old. Because it was real, it hurt me. "Heresy," they said to me how I was, "like a god" to you. As my own master suffering to serve as diligently as they do. With a vicious passion, I try to.
Track Name: Jesus and His Judgemental Father - Kings And Queens
In the land outside this social scene
The streets are filled with the gender police
I guess the streets are no place for Kings and Queens
No the streets are no place for Kings and Queens

I live in a city
A friendly city, I do
It is a pity
Some people still can be rude
Like the people that stop me in the streets
Saying ‘what the fuck is that guy?’
Is that some kind of freak
People in the street

I go out on the weekend
And I stick with my friends
Some people are staring
But I know what’s in their heads
They’re thinking ‘what are they doing with that kid?
He’s too young to be in here,
I think he should be in bed’
That’s what’s in their heads

I read a new story
A woman beaten to death
Some fuckers had jumped her
But this is what the news said
It said ‘The pre-op tranny wearing high heels,
hand-bag and a dress was walking home alone
from the gay bar where he sang.’​
Track Name: Tig Bitty - Bitty Boom
.::Bitty Boom::.
Bitty Boom Boom Bitty Boom Boom Bitty Boom Bitty Boom Bitty Boom Boom (x4)
Welcome to TigBits manor come inside to take a gander
Put your tooshie on my cushie make my pussy go whoo whooshie
When you enter my domain don't worry I will entertain
Watch my pussy goo gooshie make my throb go ooshie ooshie
Bitty Boom Boom, Bitty Boom Boom, Bitty Boom Bitty Boom, Bitty Boom Boom (x4)
Boom chica bonita areola mystique-a (x2)
Welcome to my fancy mansion, hold your gaze until your trancin'
My golden pussy keeps them commin' back for more we keep on runnin'
Just like the energized bunny get on your knees tasty honey
Honey bum bun, honey bum bun, honey bum honey bun honey bum bun (x2)
Boom chica bonita areola mystique-a (x2)
Tu eres chica bonita, Chulla chica bonita (x4)
Bitty Boom Boom Bitty Boom Boom Bitty Boom Bitty Boom Bitty Boom Boom (x4)
Honey bum bun, honey bum bun, honey bum honey bun honey bum bun (x2)
Track Name: The Wild - Riverside
I spent a week up north trying to get my head straight,
but I guess you can’t run from the things that you hate…
The ones that let you down, the loneliness, and the sounds
of a city that’s coughing up a sky that’s brown.
So take me down by the riverside,
where I can breathe in deep and open my eyes.
Sometimes we need a chance to look inside,
and if you don’t like what you see, you’ve got to change your mind.
… And where the road leads I’ll never know,
but no matter what, I will never let you go.
The asphalt looked soft, the faster we drove…
speeding towards a Tennessee lightning storm.
If our souls depart and we get split up in the dark,
I know that I’ll find you by that spark in your heart.
I saw a man that sailed on the seas of change,
and with the tides his strength went and came,
but his heart and his mind always rode the swell.
His body he gave, but his soul he’ll never sell.
… And where the road leads I’ll never know,
but no matter what, I will never let you go.
Track Name: Dakota Floyd - Make True
I try so hard to be everything that I don't amount to anything these days. So I'm gonna love at the speed of love and not the speed of life. So this time my eyes will stay green for at least a little while. Maybe we all carry a sadness, and that's why I smile at everyone, but I'm always walking away.

I'm sick of running. I'm planting roots. Gotta prove to myself all the things that I can do. Every day is a new chance to make true on all my promises.

I just wanna be someone worth knowing when I'm old and my hair is graying. I'll look you in the eyes and swear I'm trying so you can look me in the eyes and know I'll be there. This time I'll be there.
Track Name: Paper Bee - Ugly, I'm Sorry
I am picturing you at 17

your body's to hard to taught the world's too mean

and you're scrappy and wide grinned but your skin is so thin

you are stared at but rarely seen

and I was here in the dry heat with upturned palms and scraped knees

where I dreamt of flying monster machines carrying me from the city

and I wanna fold that tired body into strong arms thick and mending

that could place you somewhere safer but then how would you have found me?

these are the chords you return to they have a way of holding you

and leading you into the brambles dark and twisting shapes entangled

soothe you into someplace old and haunted with discarded words

you pluck them from a thorny vine and place them back upon your tongue

and oh sweet longing yearning for the triumph that could come

your voice rang out across the room I didn't understand it

but I saw you there outstretched and grasping something in me that was breaking

casting out a net of moonlit hopes all woven in your chest

I felt it slip around us pressing lace into my bed

and a tiny silver ringing slices through my dreams so close to your head

and I wanna see you laughing and I wanna know your needs are being met

and I wanna hold your hand and go explore the pulsing humming darkness
Track Name: Little Waist - (I Wanna Be a) Dyke Wife
I wanna cook for me so I guess for you
I wanna tie myself up in apron strings
I never wanna leave the house
I wanna tie myself up in yr things
oh I wanna
oh yeah I wanna be
oh I wanna

I wanna be a dyke wife
wouldn't that be nice
I wanna be a dyke wife
make my life so much easier right now

spend so long protestin normies
got domestic guilt for you babe
I want you to make me make you feel better
pin me down & call me babe
oh I wanna
oh yeah I wanna be
oh I wanna


wife like lips read
voice my contract
girls get beat down
but don't love to listen
wife like lips read
voice my contract
girls get beat down
I'll fuck submissive

Track Name: Amy Bruce Space Show - Threshold
Under the ground from where I stand
lie my dead dreams of holding your hand.
And since I just can't live love,
you were right to give up.
So make your mistakes and I'll make mine
then cough it up to wasted time.
Exhausted and tongue tied,
atlas shrugged the world sighed.
You don't want me. I don't want me.
Ghosts of my past selves still taunt me
but I'm moving on to curse the kid that's gone.
Can I pause this, the composite
of life spent inside the closet?
Is this just another phase
when I can't breathe between the waves.
Still my soul doesn't feel room to grow.
The gaping holes in my chest my never show.
Still self involved and indulgent, behold
Stuck in my skin and can't break the mold.
And none of my words would break through the threshold.
Track Name: Ugly Lovers - White Savior Mouth
my voice trembles with doubt
silenced by yr white savior mouth
yr good intentions arent enough
you interrupt

talk so loud
drown you out
steal yr voice

i have got to learn to shut my damn mouth
i have got to learn to take up less space
Track Name: Toys That Kill - Four String
Four string
You're trying off your last ring
Your summer's like a hurricane
You're pawning off yer 4 string
Do re. Singin bout the lost days
Stuck outside the wrong brain
You're pawning off your 4 string
Down on the roof. (Look) up to the par
I want it back. (So)gimmie my stars
It's hard to believe. It's not that hard
That's the only way to see it
hair's really stiff. (You) try really hard
Cut it with glass. Darby's a star
You don't have to be just what you are
That's the only way to say it
(You're) down on the rules
(but) they're up in you hard
(You) just bought the wax,
charged to your card
Shiny new boots, but dull at the bar
It's the only way to pay it
And I won't take these things to heart
I know we all wanna be a part
Of something better. Something smart.
I dunno how to say this but...
Track Name: The Ancient Gods - Meet Me in Texas
came up together in this shit
from punk rock shows to throwing bricks
i wouldn't be me if it wasn't for you
and thats a hard thing to admit
in the good times in the bad times
i had your back and you had mine
remember the time..
the first time we charged a police line

the pepper spray in our face
would foreshadow things to come
in the next couple of years
when you were young

what made you quit before we could start
what made you let them tear us apart
where was your heeeart
when you closed your eyes you closed your heart
when you closed your heart you took a peice of mine
i'll never get it back thats fine
it won't heal this tiiiime
i wouldn't want it to i'm gonna let it

remind me of what i'm
never gonna do
and it makes me sick all the
things that we through together
because you always knew it wasn't true
it was just something to do
just something to do
now you're..

in a city that everybody leaves
its hard to organize in the belly of the beast
it might be easier in new york or oakland
i'm sick of houston kids that keep moving to austin
of course then it's like we lost them
she moved to chicago he moved to portland
so many lost friends its becoming a joke
everyone goes where its easy
instead of where its needed the most

where its easy, not where its needed
where its easy, not where its needed
where its easy is not where its needed the most
meet me in texas
meet me in texas
meet me in texas and
lets fight where we stand
Track Name: Eric Ayotte - Annual Demented State
Winter arrives on the backs of our insanity. Pushing away every positive thought I have inside of me. So I’m moving along, wasting time again, and I’m waiting on encouraging thoughts from a caring friend that may never come. The sun’s unreliable again, and I’m afraid I may never have the strength to see it through this tiny break in my shades, as I assume there’s nothing out there anyway. Cumbersome with a lack of productivity. Feeling the weight of my own lethargic body. As my days get long, I’m wasting time again, and I’m waiting on encouraging thoughts to come in my head, but they never come. I’m unreliable again, and I’m afraid I may never have the chance to get to all these tasks on my plate. As I’ll be doomed before I ever get it straight. The sun may rise, but it never shines this way. Like a ballerina trapped in their jewelry box cage, waiting on someone’s special day. A time for dancing. And the moon may shine it’s beautiful face. Smiling on everyone’s great mistakes. Followed by tidal waves. This annual demented state.