WHERE YOU ARE FROM: Philadelphia, PA
WHO IS IN THE BAND: Luke, Liz and some others sometimes!
THE MEANING OF THE SONG: (Content warning: Mental illness and oppression.) In practice, mental health and political struggle are generally delineated to separate kinds of activity and separate fields of study that are discouraged from interacting with one another by professionals and experts. Lots of us get through our days contending with a frustratingly over-active autonomic nervous system (in addition to other more extreme states that I can't speak to) and for a lot of us the social, political and economic conditions we exist under have played a significant role in shaping our atypical neurological experience. I'd like to get rid of jobs, cops, gender binaries, white supremacy, patriarchy, etc. as part of a broader and longer term mental health strategy. And because having a political analysis doesn't mean we are okay all of the sudden or ever, I'd like to see my friends and I nurturing our creative capacities, loving one another and taking whatever kind of care of ourselves that we see fit in the meantime. Also, it's about transforming into animals and forming a band with friendly woodland creatures, as dramatized in our video for the song, which can be viewed here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeTBIKm7-1E (Luke)


LYRICS: your mind awake. your eyes fully engaged with the touch of a brush to a page. when you grab the attention of the part of you that matters, you can feel the fear and dread that shatters. there is no secret path to success that we can follow. the words of the police man and therapist ring hollow. because no one can tell you just to "take some time" and we all lead a life of crime. hung up on each decision and each idea tossed around. put your mind down this once, pick your heart up off the ground. i saw that look on your face, a moment unlike the rest. one half contended for once, the other terrified and stressed at the notion that for once you may have gotten something right. but these stars shine over this ocean each and every night. possessed by their grip on our waking state. in our dreams we can just barely lift a portion of that weight. anyway, they disappear upon the daily collision between reality and what we can envision.


from PLAN​-​IT​-​X FEST 2016 SAMPLER, released April 8, 2016



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