Jesus and His Judgemental Father - Kings And Queens

from by Plan-It-X Records



THE MEANING OF THE SONG: Kings and Queens is about the difficulties people face out in the world due to their gender presentation. The range of these difficulties is huge and the song tries to reflect some of them. The posi side to the song is that it mostly gets played to queer crowds and the chorus is a good sing along for us all 'cos we can all relate to the difference between being ourselves within a queer punk bubble versus the isolation in the external mainstream world. Hopefully the solidarity we feel with each other from within the bubble is something we can all carry outside, enabling us to feel less alone when dealing with the gender police day after day.


In the land outside this social scene
The streets are filled with the gender police
I guess the streets are no place for Kings and Queens
No the streets are no place for Kings and Queens

I live in a city
A friendly city, I do
It is a pity
Some people still can be rude
Like the people that stop me in the streets
Saying ‘what the fuck is that guy?’
Is that some kind of freak
People in the street

I go out on the weekend
And I stick with my friends
Some people are staring
But I know what’s in their heads
They’re thinking ‘what are they doing with that kid?
He’s too young to be in here,
I think he should be in bed’
That’s what’s in their heads

I read a new story
A woman beaten to death
Some fuckers had jumped her
But this is what the news said
It said ‘The pre-op tranny wearing high heels,
hand-bag and a dress was walking home alone
from the gay bar where he sang.’​


from PLAN​-​IT​-​X FEST 2016 SAMPLER, released April 8, 2016
WHO IS IN THE BAND: Danny (lead vox, guitar), Danger (guitar), Sof (bass), Flo (drums)



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