Cutting Room Floor - Something Like Forgiveness

from by Plan-It-X Records



WHERE YOU ARE FROM: We are a psychic rock band from the underworld
WHO IS IN THE BAND: Fiona Chamness, Ana MeiLi Carling, Alyssa Kai
THE MEANING OF THE SONG: How do you forgive yourself when you're afraid the monster is you?


Breathing freely, like I did be-
fore you met me? Are you well?
I didn't see the final letter
that you sent me, saw the flames bite
at the page I wondered what you'd
think I'd want to hear I wish I
had your address so I'd come and
draw a spell in lighter fluid
round the base of your apartment
just before I light the match
I'd see you smiling from the window
Kill your double cause she's like me
she talks like me hurts you like me
when I stand over her body
maybe then we'll talk forgiveness

Is your body like my body?
Do you burn when you see strangers
hurt your loved ones? When your loved ones
hurt your loved ones, what's the difference?
Saw you in the window with your
hair done up like mine and with that
dress you know looks better on me
I wish I was better than you
Were you like this 'fore I met you?
Too much like me, is it in my
head the way my every movement
casts a shadow looking like you
Who's your double, is she like you
dressing like you, grinning like you
when we stand beside our bodies
is there something called forgiveness

I wrote you a letter begging
you to leave me and my friends a-
lone but somehow you remain a
ghost that lives forever in me
Did you burn it? Did you listen?
Can you hear me like I hear you
when I start to fall asleep I
hear your breathing, it sounds like me
suddenly I'm by the window
smiling down at someone outside
something flares up in her hand and
we watch fire start to spread so
kill your double, cause I'm like her
I am like her, I am like her
when she stands over my body
maybe then we'll talk forgiveness


from PLAN​-​IT​-​X FEST 2016 SAMPLER, released April 8, 2016



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