Amy Bruce Space Show - Threshold

from by Plan-It-X Records



Under the ground from where I stand
lie my dead dreams of holding your hand.
And since I just can't live love,
you were right to give up.
So make your mistakes and I'll make mine
then cough it up to wasted time.
Exhausted and tongue tied,
atlas shrugged the world sighed.
You don't want me. I don't want me.
Ghosts of my past selves still taunt me
but I'm moving on to curse the kid that's gone.
Can I pause this, the composite
of life spent inside the closet?
Is this just another phase
when I can't breathe between the waves.
Still my soul doesn't feel room to grow.
The gaping holes in my chest my never show.
Still self involved and indulgent, behold
Stuck in my skin and can't break the mold.
And none of my words would break through the threshold.


from PLAN​-​IT​-​X FEST 2016 SAMPLER, released April 8, 2016
My parents named me Matthew but once Amy Bruce brought me on her spaceship, we became one with the stars and each other. We write self indulgent sad songs from New Lenox, Illinois that are typically about living with depression and gender dysphoria. Preferred pronouns are they/them/their and preferred names are Matt/Martha.



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