Paper Bee - Ugly, I'm Sorry

from by Plan-It-X Records



I am picturing you at 17

your body's to hard to taught the world's too mean

and you're scrappy and wide grinned but your skin is so thin

you are stared at but rarely seen

and I was here in the dry heat with upturned palms and scraped knees

where I dreamt of flying monster machines carrying me from the city

and I wanna fold that tired body into strong arms thick and mending

that could place you somewhere safer but then how would you have found me?

these are the chords you return to they have a way of holding you

and leading you into the brambles dark and twisting shapes entangled

soothe you into someplace old and haunted with discarded words

you pluck them from a thorny vine and place them back upon your tongue

and oh sweet longing yearning for the triumph that could come

your voice rang out across the room I didn't understand it

but I saw you there outstretched and grasping something in me that was breaking

casting out a net of moonlit hopes all woven in your chest

I felt it slip around us pressing lace into my bed

and a tiny silver ringing slices through my dreams so close to your head

and I wanna see you laughing and I wanna know your needs are being met

and I wanna hold your hand and go explore the pulsing humming darkness


from PLAN​-​IT​-​X FEST 2016 SAMPLER, released April 8, 2016
paper bee is from great falls, ma and is nick, alyssa, and noel'le



all rights reserved


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