Super Famicom - Wasting Fodder

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Song Meaning:
As Thranduil stated "It hurt because it was real," I agreed, "Because it was real, it hurt me." I read the hobbit and there was no love affair between Tauriel and Fili, so maybe it was not real. A third of the way through my untitled album of one hundred or so songs and thirty or so fresh subgenres, I did a set of songs called "Cold Metal". One guitar needed to have reverb and the other needed to have delay, with more of an emphasis on emptiness than heaviness. Too bad the recording ended up with more a boxed-in log cabin feel. I wanted to do cold heavy metal in the same way The Frozen Autumn made cold wave instead of new wave. This is the first of four songs about love, hurt, ents, and alcoholism. The excessively long guitar solo was strongly inspired by "La Villa Strongiato" by Rush. The lyrics are also about the possibility that I am responsible for all of the hurt and damage to my loved ones. Their insecurities are all because of me and it is as real as Tauriel's love for Fili. I am going to do some hurting if I am ever going to serve myself above alcoholism, my employers, and our collective petty insecurities. I would rather serve strength and I would rather that strength be mine. This song was recorded in part at my storage unit in st. augustine and at my old house on duero street. The guitar is a bc rich bronze warlock through what was supposed to be a clone of the boss hm-2 pedal, a real boss digital delay/reverb, and a roland dac - 15xd. The bass is a 5 string squier j-bass through an acoustic b200 head and hartke 4x10 cab (that didn't yet have a blown speaker). This is also the first song I attempted to play cello on.


Less interested in yourself and better at getting inside of things, I was endlessly secure. You wanted to know all of everything. I could have spent a week just breathing. Eyes on the mound. Lips on the most perfect teeth designed by the heavens and oh... my empathy. With barely my damage, only my damage, always my damage. "This big" like the maiden of old. Because it was real, it hurt me. "Heresy," they said to me how I was, "like a god" to you. As my own master suffering to serve as diligently as they do. With a vicious passion, I try to.


from PLAN​-​IT​-​X FEST 2016 SAMPLER, released April 8, 2016
PJ is Superfamicom



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